Friday, April 10, 2009

Beebi tekk

Selle teki kohta võib küll öelda et kaua tehtud, kaunikene. Päris mitu kuud võttis tegemine aega ja lõpuks see kokku heegeldamine. No ei meeldinud mulle see tegevus. Päris mitu korda pidin harutama, seda nii kokku heegeldamises kui ka pitsi kudumises. Lisaks kõigele sai lõng enne otsa kui tekk valmis. Lõpu read ongi tumedama ja jämedama lõngaga, aga ega see ei häiri. Pigem annab vürtsi juurde. Arvan et see värv sobib nii poisile kui ka tüdrukule, ma ju ei tea kumb tulemas on.
Lõngaks Baby Shimmer D.K. Kaalub 294gr.

Quite a number of months in the making and, ultimately, it is time for a total of crochet. No I did not like this activity. Quite a number of times I had to rip up, both in terms of total crochet as well as lace weaving. In addition to all of the yarn before the end of the deck is ready. At the end of lines is darker and thicker yarn, but it does not interfere. Rather, it gives a spice. I think that this color is suitable for both boy and girl, I do not know which is coming up.
My English is not just on, but hopefully understandable.


Shirley said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Something that I would make even if it took some time.

Can you tll me where to find the pattern?

Thanks for sharing,

Lulla said...

Thanks! Pattern